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Stock Up On Chicken and Save Time!

This week at Meijer Chicken is on sale for $2/lb.  Stocking up can save you time and $$$!

When I get home with my packages I split the chicken breasts into freezer bags, 2- 1/2 breasts/bag.  Then it is ready to freeze!  The day you need a dinner idea, just pull it out (DO NOT THAW), pop it in the crockpot with a little seasoning and sauce and it will be ready for dinner.  If it is morning, put it on low to cook, if you want to eat in 3-4 hours put it on high. Once cooked, chicken can be shredded with 2 forks.  Below are recipes for this method:

  • Cowboy Chicken and Beans– put frozen chicken in crockpot and cover with BBQ Sauce, shred when cooked:
  • Chicken Enchiladas– put frozen chicken in crockpot and cover with 1 can of enchilada sauce, shred when cooked, use to make chicken enchiladas.  (place shredded chicken and cheese in tortillas, cover with enchilada sauce and sprinkle with cheese, bake 15-20 or until bubbly at 350)
  • Shredded BBQ Chicken Sandwiches- put frozen chicken in crockpot and cover with BBQ Sauce, shred when cooked, serve on hamburger buns or kaiser rolls
  • Chicken Tacos-put frozen chicken in crockpot and cover with 1 can of tomato sauce and a packet of taco seasoning (or just homemade mixture), shred when cooked: serve with your favorite taco ingredients

Another option is to grill 1 or 2 entire packages of chicken and then slice up for dishes.  I recommend seasoning with only salt and pepper so the chicken can be seasoned appropriately for the dish in the future.  After the chicken is grilled and sliced, divide into freezer bags for easy portions and freeze.  Below are some recipe ideas for grilled chicken breasts:

  • Pizza-Use grilled chicken breasts, shredded or sliced, along with your favorite toppings, Crust recipe can be found here
  • Waldorf Chicken SaladUse sliced grilled chicken breasts, serve as sandwiches, wraps or on lettuce, for the dressing I just use Greek non-fat plain or vanilla yogurt until I reach the correct consistency
  • Pasta- Use sliced grilled chicken breasts in your favorite pasta dishes
  • Salads- Use sliced grilled chicken as a topping on your favorite salads- I love Chicken Caesar salad!

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